Monday, June 29, 2009

Keel - Bigger Than a Great White

Believe it or not, there was a time in the 80's when Keel consistently headlined over Great White.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

LA Rocker - First on the Scene

LA Rocker was one of the earliest fanzines to document the the emerging scene, as evidenced by some pages from this 1984 issue.

LA Guns Take Over the Troubadour

LA Guns Whiskey Weekend

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

L.A. Guns - Lords of the New Strip

Believe it or not, there was a time when LA Guns were extremely cool and were considered the "Lords of the New Church" of LA.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Jaded Lady - Forever In My J.O.M.B.

You can keep your Lita Fords and Lee Aarons... at sixteen I was in love with Cathy Amanti of Jaded Lady and Leather Angel.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Warrant - Original Singer Wanted for Making Terrible Decision

Before Warrant, there was this band Warrant who didn't have Jani Lane. I think the original dude left for a band called Hot Wheelz. Then they get this guy Jani from a band called Plain Jane who writes "Heaven" and the rest is history. Hot Wheelz go nowhere. Dude questions his decision for the rest of his life. That part is speculation, but obvious. And then there was this band Redline that I don't remember shit about.

Warrant - Proud to Be Shirtless Hairmericans

The big difference between Warrant and Poison back in the day? Well, Warrant were proud to be shirtless Americans while Poison handed me a flyer with a chick's fantastic ass on it. And at the age of 16, a chick's ass beats shirtless long-haired dudes every time.

Time to Stop It with the Stupid Slogans and Promote the Debut LP

Poison goes more ridiculous slogans like "Not Just for Breakfast Anymore" or "Drugs Won't Help"...just "we have a record coming out...go buy it".

To Be Honest Poison, You Didn't Owe Us Anything...

Dig the name of the opening band, L.A. Rocks. Pander much to the hometown crowd fellas? I Jeff Scott Soto was the singer.

Poison - Drugs Won't Help

They were right. I was there. They didn't help.

Poison - Swallow This One!

I assume this flyer was directed more towards the band's lady fans...

Poison - Suspended for the Summer

No doubt the guys probably thought this was a really clever idea circa June 8th, 198?.....but they were so wrong.

Poison - Not Just for Breakfast Anymore?

That's right, "not just for breakfast anymore"....hands down the stupidest slogan Poison came up with for a flyer. At least they weren't the band Rocktopus, who used to put ads in BAM Magazine which asked..."What has 8 arms and rocks?".

Poison Grab a Piece of the Stardust Ballroom

No band would ever get away with passing this flyer out on the streets today, but Poison knew how to draw the dudes as well as the ladies. It is important to note the bottom of the flyer, "Proceeds go to M.D.A" (Muscular Dystrophy Association). I just hope that's not what caused the guys to grab that poor girl's ass.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Cathouse's "Live Like Suicide" Christmas Party

Only in LA...and only in the 80's...

Guns N' Roses - Doing It Twice A Night At The Roxy

For anyone who cares, the opening bands for the shows were Carrera and Lions & Ghosts.

Guns N' Roses - The Band That Wouldn't Die!

Not a more prophetic flyer will you find, considering all the original gunners are still alive after trying for years to kill themselves with booze and drugs. Also ironic since the real G&R has been dead for years.

"Hey Everybody, we got record deals..."

Flyer for two "lethal" nights with Geffen Recording Artist G&R and Elektra Recording Artist's Faster Pussycat & Jetboy. Elektra dropped Jetboy before releasing the record and they ended up on MCA, the Musical Cemetary of America for glam bands at the time.

Guns N' Roses' Wreckless Life at the Country Club

Guns & Roses were so badass they could get away with spelling "reckless" incorrectly and no one was gonna tell 'em they were wrong....not even San Francisco's own Jetboy.

LA Guns & Hollywood Rose Become Guns 'N' Roses

Possibly the flyer for the first ever Guns & Roses show, considering it reads "LA Guns and Hollywood Rose Presents the Band Guns-N-Roses", and there's no sign of Slash or Duff yet....

Motley Crue - Glendale Civic Auditorium

The only way I could officially start this blog is with the motherfucker of all Strip bands, the one and only Crue.